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If you pried open Prince Harry's skull, I guarantee you that you'd find Shit for Brains.

I was going to name the article: Prince Harry has got to be the least talented, most oblivious dullard that has ever been ingrained in the public's consciousness. But that title was too long.

What's got me so riled up today?

28 Million people tuned into Harry and Meghan's documentary on Netflix. The big reveal so far?

Harry and Meghan have been victims of "Institutional Gaslighting."




Let's be crystal clear. Prince Harry had every advantage a young man could have growing up.

He could have been a doctor.

He could have been a lawyer.

He could have been a general.

He could have been a politician. He could have initiated real change in his country.

But no, he wanted to be an entertainer in North America.

What was his special talent to entertain the masses?

Did he perform great music? No.

Did he write great prose? No.

Did he dazzle in the theater? No.

Did he and his bride whine incessantly that the Royal Family were Mean?

Yes. you read that right, their special talent is whining.

Did the Royal Family assault them? No.

Did the Royal Family try to have them assassinated? No.

Did the Royal Family torture them? No.

Did the Royal Family cut them off monetarily? No, they left the Royal Family, then acted surprised when they were cut off.

Someone is mean to me on a near daily basis, I work for the public schools. Maybe I'm the idiot for not turning my mental anguish into a Netflix Series.


The Pope has warned of 'omens of even greater destruction and desolation' - Daily Mail

The Pope warns that mankind is in real trouble. Prince Harry warns that he and Meghan were treated in a less than reverential way.

Oh the humanity.


Part of this is my fault. Every third story at the Daily Mail is about Harry and Meghan, that's what I get for reading a tabloid.

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