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In Defense of Joe Rogan

I came across this article at CNN: Joe Rogan's Lame Medical Advice.


Listen. I am going to speak slowly. And haltingly. Joe Rogan is not a doctor. Joe Rogan never claimed to be a doctor. Joe Rogan never even played a doctor on TV. Before Joe Rogan started his million dollar podcast, he was known for 3 things. On the show NewsRadio, he played a smart alecky handyman. On the show Fear Factor, he was the host while the production crew poured snakes on scantily clad contestants. And he screamed in amazement when UFC fighters were knocked out.

Joe Rogan has freedom of speech and if he thinks that if you're young and healthy that you shouldn't get the vaccine, that is his opinion. As a comedian, though, it is also his right to say that he thinks that getting the vaccine will make you grow horns and a tail, and then stomp around the stage like he had hooved feet.

Joe Rogan is a funny dude.

You know who's not funny? CNN. Taking a run at a comedian.

A c-o-m-e-d-i-a-n.

After Joe Rogan made his statements about the young and healthy, the very next episode of his podcast he clarified:

""I'm not an anti-vaxx person, I said I believe they're safe and I encourage many people to take them. My parents were vaccinated. I just said that if you're a young, healthy person that you don't need it." - Axios

I like Joe Rogan, but let's go back to NewsRadio. Let's pretend that Provocateur Andy Dick was in Reno this past weekend and played to a local comedy club of 200 fans. What if Andy Dick said the same exact thing as Joe Rogan? "If you're a young, healthy person, you don't need [vaccines.]

Would that be a lead story at CNN?

It would not. CNN is saying that Joe Rogan, whose Experience is currently the most popular podcast in America, has undue influence over the youth of America. That, again, is some very dangerous territory for free speech. CNN is also using Joe Rogan for clicks because attacking Andy Dick doesn't generate any buzz.

You know what would solve the problem? Joe Rogan should do a Podcast Simulcast on CNN with Dr. Jonathan Reiner. Rogan would answer Reiner directly, make his counter points, then Rogan could take the rest of his time and say whatever the hell he wanted about the CNN business model.

Since he's a comedian, Rogan could really cement his point. He could channel his inner Sam Kinison and work his bluest material. His philosophy could be 'since CNN took a run at me, I'm going to set CNN on fire.'

That would be fun.

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