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In Defense of Pete Davidson

Man, I don't like Pete Davidson. His existence actively annoys me and the only entertainment option I have enjoyed his work in was the Suicide Squad reboot. You know, the part where they blew his head off very early in the movie.

But the headline of the Daily Mail actually made me feel sorry for ol' Petey: Kim Slams Pete as IMMATURE after Breakup.

Uh, yeah.

I mean if you asked me to describe Pete Davidson in two words it would be IMMATURE and DOPEY. If I think back to funny Pete Davidson skits on SNL, I can't think of any. To me, Pete Davidson's standup comedy is an oxymoron. I looked up his filmography and there's no Pete Davidson film that I actively want to see or that I may have "missed."

With all of that being said, as a consumer of pop culture, who barely has his hand on the pulse of the youth of America, if Kim Kardashian didn't notice that Davidson was immature, I mean, right from the rip, then she is really, really, really, really stupid.

Which is possible.

I'm not using hyperbole.

She got famous for "having a big ass and making a sex tape." She wasn't a world renowned scientist that Pete plucked from obsurity. I'm sure Davidson got EXACTLY what he bargained for, I don't know how she was surprised.....

That's like Khloe being surprised by Tristan Thompson's Cheating.

That's like Kourtney being surprised that Scott Disick is a No-Talent Hack.

Wait wait, that was too easy. That's like Kourtney being surprised that Travis Barker doesn't like airplanes.

That's like Kendall...

You know what? I need to go use the restroom and try out my home lobotomy kit.

At least I feel bad for admitting I read the tabloids

CNN Headline Today: Kete is No More

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