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Is It an Act of God?

I clicked on a link at the Drudge Report:

The source of the story was the Jerusalem Post.

First let's answer the question: Is it an act of God?

Short answer - NO.

I believe that the Chinese Communist Government is Evil.

I believe that if God sent the virus, it would have burned through China, THEN burned through the United States.

Long answer - Maybe.

1 in 3

When the Bubonic Plague hit Europe around the year 1350, it is estimated that the disease killed half the population on that continent. It is estimated that the specific plague outbreak in question reduced the world population from around 500 million to 350-375 million. Maybe the plague cut the world population down by a third.

1 in 20

The last worldwide death event was World War I.

20 million soldier and civilian deaths.

20 million flu deaths (some estimates of around 50 million).

With a World Population of 1.8 billion, even if 100 million died in the war and the flu combined (some estimates are that high), that is still "only" about 5% of the world's population dead.

1 in 13,350

Today, Covid 19 has killed over 600,000 out of a world population of around 8 billion. It is bad and burning through America like crazy. But even if Covid kills 1% of the world's population (80 million) would that be enough to make God float down from the clouds and wade into the muck and mire of Earth's problems?

Probably not. Right now, the chances of you dying from coronavirus simply by living on Earth is .0075%. In the old days, America used to be immune from diseases that scourged through third world countries. Now America is the equivalent of a third world country with its citizens treating science like a scary, scary monster.

But because Americans are loud, self-centered, and make a lot of noise, you would think that Covid 19 & the George Floyd Riots combined were worse than the Middle Ages. They're not.

Don't get me wrong, 2020 still sucks, but I haven't given you a reason for my MAYBE answer yet. In the Bible, specifically in the New Testament, God is a loving and forgiving God.

In the Old Testament, God is an angry God, filled with piss & vinegar ready to smite some non-believers.

Pretty soon though, mankind could reach scientific breakthroughs where you can download your consciousness into a computer or live in your body for a couple of hundred years. Heck, clone yourself and live on in an infinite timeline. Could 2020 be Old Testament God's last wake-up call to man before the AI Singularity?


(But very doubtful.)

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