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It is WRONG to Root for Death, But.....

Updated: Mar 10

  1. In July, 57 year old former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson will fight 27 year old YouTube Media Whore Jake Paul. In yet another terrible decision that will continue to erode the nearly non-existent integrity of boxing, I will be rooting for death. If Tyson dies, maybe someone will finally be put in jail for letting a 57 year old box. If Jake Paul dies, maybe he'll learn not to wave a red flag in front of a bull.

  2. This Fall, the rematch no one wanted will take place. 81 year old Joe Biden will again apparently head into the general election against 78 year old Donald Trump. In a country of 300 million+, it is patently absurd that these are our top two choices for president in back-to-back election cycles. As a libertarian-leaning website, we will vote for neither. We will be rooting for the Grim Reaper.

  3. What's the reason there's over 300,000+ casualties in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine? Vladimir Putin. Why is Alexai Navalny dead? Putin. According to the Wall Street Journal, why do Russian dissidents all over the world turn up dead? Putin. Matthew 26:52 clearly states "live by the sword, die by the sword." Well? I'm waiting.

  4. The front page of the Drudge Report today screamed HAITI HELL. Who's the good guys? No one. Who's the bad guys? Nearly everyone with AK-47 type rifle in Haiti. Haiti has been a festering pit of despair since the days of Papa Doc and Baby Doc. Anarchy is fun when you're a teenager in a London Flat, not when it's a 2-hour flight from Miami and your country becomes a stateless dumpster fire. Rooting for a circular gang firing squad.

  5. I am glib? You'd be surprised how many people root for my death. They just don't say it out loud.

Addendum: You know what group continues to die at a young age? Porn Stars. 2 more died in the last 2 days. Some claim the life expectancy of a Porn Star is 37.

Why does the Reaper snatch young beautiful women at a disproportionate rate?

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
Mar 10

Since the duopoly has a lock on elections it would seem that death is the only deterrent to being saddled with the two parties forever.

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