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Just a Reminder Kids, CNN is Constantly Spinning Events

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

There was a crime in America last week where the victim is currently on the edge of death and the shooter was apprehended, but was not jailed or charged.

Is this a riddle?


The gun allegedly used by a 6-year-old boy to shoot his teacher at a Newport News, Virginia, school was legally purchased by the child’s mother, officials said. - CNN

Now I'm not saying you should jail a 6 year old, I'm not saying that at all. What I'm saying is that CNN is not showing you the attractive, white 25 year old teacher in order to dissipate anger.

Does that picture exist? Of course it does. Let's head on over to the Daily Mail:

At the Daily Mail, there is a GALLERY of pictures of the victim. If you do a very CURSORY search of the shooter, 75% of the students at that school are minorities. I'm not saying publish the kid's photo either, but if it's proven that the gun belonged to Mom, where's the picture of Mom? Even CNN concedes that the Mom can be charged because she bought the gun.

Magically, in this case, at least according to CNN, this incident is not about race, but about the availability of the gun.

If you do your homework, at least in the Tamir Rice Case, CNN claims that the perpetrator of the crime was systemic racism. In the Newport News case, the perpetrator of crime was an inanimate object with no underlying social racial connotations.

Many media outlets use both the pictures of the criminals/victims and the omission of pictures of the criminals/victims to advance their underlying philosophies on crime.

Don't believe me? Google: CNN Tamir Rice

Now click on any one of those articles and you know what's the first thing that comes up? A picture of Tamir Rice.

Imagine if the Newport News Mom looked like Latto in the Bitch From Da Souf video?

Guess what ain't ever gettin' published at CNN?


I am telling you, yet again, if you look closely you'll notice patterns about the way corporate media covers shootings, depending on which way their site leans politically.

But this incident struck me at my core because it was a school shooting.

So I am going to tell you 2 stories:

  1. In graduate school, there was a school shooting in the school that I interned at. Before school shootings were all the rage, there was LeSueur-Henderson High School in Minnesota. Story Here. There were no racial undertones at the rural district, so you probably never heard of the incident.

  2. 5 years ago, I was driving bus XX for the local XXXX city school district. My bus aide told a poorly behaving black student to sit down and the kid jumped on the seat, went nose to nose to her, and screamed "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!" The aide literally walked away. I wrote that kid up 8 times that year, I could have written him up 100 times, but the principal said she was never taking that kid off the bus. The Dad was out of the picture, Mom was dead, and Grandma was incapacitated. I was told that if I didn't take the kid to school, he might not eat that day. Eventually I gave up and made a truce with the kid that he could swear all he wanted and bounce around all he wanted as long as he stayed in seat 1 and didn't bug the other kids. Once I allowed him to act like a surly teenager his temperament, at least toward me, warmed. That kid was 6 years old. Did he have the capability to shoot an adult? If he had a gun, I am convinced he would have shot my aide.

Schools today are not the schools of your youth when it comes to discipline. Many overwhelmingly white districts are afraid to extend a firm hand to minorities out of fear of litigation and for fear of appearing racist.

And that's why the Newport News shooting is already out of the news cycle at left wing websites.

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