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Kyiv Calling

It may not be the perfect Clash cover, but it more than makes up for that fact with passion and historical significance.

Here's Beton's Kyiv Calling:

The Clash's London Calling:

But you know what? Say I lived in Ukraine right now. The Russians are rolling down the street and I've got a lighter and a Molotov Cocktail in my hand. I ain't listening to either one of those songs. I would put on my headphones and blow my eardrums out with either one of the 2 songs below as I bolted from my house.

Anthrax's Gung Ho:

or Metallica's Fight Fire with Fire:

And if I got shot after immediately exiting my house and accidentally set myself on fire with the Molotov Cocktail? I would take my non-burnt hand and shuffle down to my favorite punk band of all time and quietly mumble to myself....

Alice Donut's Tiny Ugly World:

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