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Lake Michigan Monster

Every once in a while, you find a little gem of a movie that you want to call your own. This weekend I stumbled upon the Lake Michigan Monster, the story of the adventures of Captain Seafield.

It's a hard movie to describe. Shot in a smoky style of black and white, the closest I can come to categorizing it is an absurdist comedy.

Why am I writing about the Lake Michigan Monster specifically today? Because the film is something you rarely find in a saturated entertainment environment: It Is Something Original.

I don't want to spoil the plot, I just want to challenge you to watch the movie, because it is the art of film evolving in an ingenious fashion. [When researching the Lake Michigan Monster, a random fan said its style was reminiscent of Winnipeg, Manitoba's Guy Maddin. I am not familiar with independent film of the Canadian wilderness.]

I caught the Lake Michigan Monster on Amazon Prime, where they seem to be developing a nice niche for showcasing clever indie films.


You don't trust my judgement?

Depending on your politics and whether you were a critic or an audience member, Lake Michigan Monster was, at minimum, better than one of the movies above.

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