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LeBron Thanks America

Social justice warrior LeBron James 'found out' that the L.A. Lakers just drafted his son Bronny in the NBA Draft.

In February, Bronny was around the 100th rated NBA prospect and, according to the Bleacher Report, the Lakers were slated to pick a small forward from Creighton in today's draft. According to Beacon of Speech: "If young Bronny is on the draft board, there is no way the Lakers are letting him fall off the draft board."

Young Bronny moved up draft boards DESPITE COMING OFF A HEART ATTACK.

When it comes to LeBron, in what other country could a man become a billionaire based on how well he could play basketball? Only in America.

What other country affords you opportunities not based on the color of your skin, but by how much is in your bank account? Only in America.

What other country allows you to make money hand over fist while criticizing the country you make money hand over fist in? Only in America.

So as Bronny slips that Lakers jersey over his shoulders, just remember, he's the recipient of Rich Privilege. Adrain Wojnarowski said it isn't fair to criticize LeBron, nepotism in the NBA is "everywhere."

Listen, I know America isn't perfect, but LeBron James, of all people, should wrap himself in the flag and thank God that he was born in the U.S. of A.

You're saying LeBron made his own way in life? In what other country could you be a minority and homeless in Middle School, in a Private School and on National TV in High School, and at the top of your profession and a billionaire at 40?

You know what? Instead of an AI Flag, I need a 10- hour YouTube video of a flag waving in slow motion.

LeBron James, for better or for worse, is an American success story and Bronny is along for the ride. That's the same privilege LeBron rails against.

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