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Rich Privilege in Action (Grammy Version)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We here at Beacon of Speech HATE the Grammys. This is our quote from 2018 and we're sticking with it:

"My whole life, nearly 50 years on Earth, the Grammy Awards have been mostly wrong. It's like they purposely try NOT to get it right. The Grammys are some sort of weird cross between a popularity contest and an insider trading scam."

With that being said, 9 year old Blue Ivy Carter won a Grammy for....

What exactly did she get a Grammy for? Best Music Video - "Brown Skin Girl" by Beyoncé, Saint Jhn & Wizkid Featuring Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce's kid has a Grammy.

Let me tell you something, I am not going to debate with you the merits of Brown Skin Girl as Video of the Year. I'm just not.

What it reminds of though, is Liza Minnelli. Liza Minnelli was the daughter of, arguably, one of the most popular actresses of the 30's and 40's and one of the most popular directors of the 50's. At age 12, Liza was already on TV, dancing with legends like Gene Kelly. Now don't get me wrong, Liza Minnelli had a ton of talent, she won her first Tony Award at 19 years old, but if her parents weren't Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, doors wouldn't have opened for her.

If you're shrieking at the computer that's the definition of White Privilege, well guess what? In Ivy Blue's victory, that obviously wasn't the case. But when your parents are worth over a billion dollars combined and you win a Grammy?

At age 9? That's the definition of Rich Privilege.


Personally, this year's Grammys made me sad. There was a scrappy little band called Power Trip that was nominated for the first time in the Metal Category. Their lead singer, Riley Gale, passed away last year, and, between his death and the pandemic, Power Trip may cease to exist. The remaining band members would like to continue making music together, but they don't know what that would look like.

They had a bright future.

Most egregious Grammy mistake this year? The entire Rock Category.

Fiona Apple is not Rock. Fiona Apple as Alternative? Yeah, I guess. She should have been in the Pop category. The Strokes are vastly overrated, but so were most of the other "Rock" acts (that were barely Rock.) What is happening is that the Grammys are actively trying to redefine Rock.

My album of the year, any category?

Wow, I'm really the wrong guy to ask about that.

Probably Sweven's The Eternal Resonance.

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