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Let's Talk About Obituaries

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The above photo is of the late rapper Tripple Beanz. If you click on the photo you can watch his latest single "DUMB SHIT."

He was murdered last Friday and I learned of his death today at the Daily Mail:

Shocking moment New Jersey Rapper Tripple Beanz, 29, is shot dead execution-style.

Now I gave his single a listen, and it was pretty good. Maybe a little long, but director Rock Davis was trying to go for a film-style feel.


Who am I trying to kid? I am not a rap-connoisseur. When investigating the online footprint of Tripple Beanz, he had an official YouTube channel and a social media presence. But the official Tripple Beanz channel only had one video (as of 12/1/20) which had about 7,000 views, (again, as of 12/1/20).

And it got me thinking.....

If I was to die suddenly, I think I would want the headline to read Writer, Fred Hunt, dead (for whatever reason.) I don't want the headline to read Blogger, Fred Hunt. The Blogger title gives the sense of unemployment and a musty basement smell. I did write a book, but no one read it. I did make a film, but Local-Filmmaker, Fred Hunt gives the impression that I still live with my parents. [Unnamed Day Job Worker], Fred Hunt? Uggh. Thanks, I may die tonight of depression.

I didn't know Tripple Beanz, but I think Rapper Tripple Beanz Shot and Killed in Newark was probably the best obituary Corey Thompson could hope for.

Pulitzer-Nominated Writer, Fred Hunt, Dies from Bowel Obstruction Complications. Now, of course, I wouldn't be happy about the Bowel Obstruction headline, because, well, the jokes write themselves. But the first part of the obituary would be fine. Probably the best obituary I could hope for.

(Please don't point out that anyone whose check clears can be a Pulitzer-Nominated Writer.)

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