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Markle's PR Firm? CNN

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The Racism Meghan Says She Experienced as a Royal WIll be no Surprise to Black Britons

Meghan Reveals 'Concerns' Within Royal Family About Her Baby's Skin Color

British Royal Family Plunged into Crisis after Harry and Meghan Allege Racism and Neglect

Why Meghan's Interview Matters

After Meghan's very favorable coverage from CNN this week. The Royal Family finally responded, specifically Prince William.

So CNN reports that Meghan SAYS that the Royal Family is Racist.

But CNN also reports that the Royal Family CLAIMS they're not Racist.

And that sums up how once proud media conglomerate CNN covers everything nowadays.


I am so mad at myself. Why can't I stop writing about the Royals?


Addendum: 2 days later

I'm hiding this picture and link here before both disappear.

You gotta admit, those Frenchies know how to push the envelope.


Also disappearing from the internet: Oprah Memes. Apparently sharing Oprah memes is a new form of "digital blackface." Luckily there's still a lot of Harry Memes.

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