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Matt Drudge on Instagram

We are fans of the Drudge Report here at Beacon of Speech and make no apologies about it.

While scrolling down to the bottom of the links today, we noticed a brand new columnist that the Drudge Report is following; Matt Drudge himself.

Over the past few years, the Drudge Report has been accused of lurching to the left. As a matter of fact, the New York Post went as far as to ask if Matt Drudge even worked at his namesake publication anymore.

In an era where seemingly all CEOs have some sort of social media presence, the reclusive Drudge opening an Instagram Account should raise a number of eyebrows.

Why aren't I quoting Drudge from the new Instagram account? Because he didn't say anything. (As of 4/22/23 5:27 PM)

I assume it's him if he's promoting it on the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge wouldn't promote an impostor on his own site, right?

What do I think Drudge is going to say when he goes live?

This is highly speculative, but I don't think the Drudge Report has moved from the Right to the Left. With a new election cycle upon us, I think that Matt Drudge believes that Donald Trump is a flimflam man and wants a secondary platform to explore his own personal views on Trump's Court Cases without accusations that his website has moved too far to the left.

Who knows? Maybe the new Instagram Account will be a platform to review high end alcohol options. Maybe a place to share a budding nature photography hobby.

We shall see.

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