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Matt Walsh Abortion Law

Matt Walsh is a Conservative Firebrand over at the Daily Wire. I came across some of his talking points at the website Not the Bee: 7 Most Common (and Dumbest) Pro-Abortion Arguments.

Ahhhh, another Conservative re-branding Pro-Choice as Pro-Abortion. You know what, instead of arguing with Matt Walsh, we are going to make his proposals law. No arguments, just a blanket No Abortion policy across the United States of America. All women who conceive children have to bring them to term. Period. No exceptions.

The only problem is, all of Walsh's argument center around the woman bringing the baby to term. Matt Walsh is all about creating consequences for women. We are going to finish the equation for men, using Matt Walsh logic and incorporate it into the Matt Walsh Abortion Law.

  1. This is not the 16th century, DNA can establish paternity. The new Matt Walsh Abortion Law will tie a man to every birth in America using DNA.

  2. Once the baby is born, the man tied to the birth has 2 choices. Offer to marry the woman or forced male sterilization. The argument of "my body, my choice" has already been invalidated by the Matt Walsh Abortion Law. You can't have men running around repeatedly creating unwanted pregnancies.

  3. If the woman declines the offer of marriage, the man is tied to support for 18 years. No prenups allowed. No alternative arrangements allowed.

  4. If a man creates multiple unwanted pregnancies, he will be taxed at a higher rate for repeatedly de-stabilizing the family unit.

  5. If a man creates multiple unwanted pregnancies, he will be disqualified from high paying, classified governmental jobs based on moral questions.

I fully expect Matt Walsh to endorse this complete and overarching thesis, for it creates consequences for Pre-Marital Sex for both Men and Women.

I am sure he'll have his own little cloud in heaven for his staunch morality.

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