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More Statues Coming Down

Editor's Note:

We are returning to Guest Author Ms. Frederica Hunt for this one.

You might as well start tearing down the rest of the statues now.

Groups affiliated with Black Lives Matter are tearing down Confederate Statues.

Guess what dummies?

When they're all down, racism isn't over.

It's just a first step you say....?

Well then, we need to fix the culture that glorifies the exploitation of women, also.

You know which statues are coming down next, right?

That's correct, Martin Luther King Jr.'s.

How you going to like it when me and a bunch of other ladies are pulling down King Statues on the news? His womanizing was prolific. That's not my opinion, the CIA and FBI have well documented FOLDERS of the Reverend's poor treatment of women.

We're going to march right down the street ourselves, right to Cleveland Browns Stadium, and tear down that Jim Brown statue. He not only abused women, but he once tried to kill one, throwing her off of a motel balcony.

Don't you smirk Fred Hunt, your musical hero Miles Davis wasn't much better, his statue is coming down, too.

For those of you who think I'm just picking on Black Icons, you'd be wrong, I'm just getting started. All those JFK Statues, all of those JFK Elementary Schools, all of those JFK Boulevards, all of them are getting renamed and torn down. That smug punk once had a stripper sing him Happy Birthday and Americans turned their heads. John F. Kennedy was no better than Martin Luther King Jr. in his treatment of women. I hope that a demon that looks like Jackie O is torturing him in the depths of Hell right now.

Bill Clinton? Your name is getting scrubbed from the history books. No more Clinton Library, that will be re-named the Little Rock Center for Abused Women. Donald Trump? They'll be building you statues in Hell for your treatment of women.

Thomas Jefferson? You had sex with slaves as proven by DNA. No more Jefferson Memorial, that is getting bulldozed to the ground. Franklin Delano Roosevelt? We may not be able to prove what you did, but when the first LGBTQUIA+ President comes along, your statue is coming down for your treatment of Eleanor.

Dwight Eisenhower? Your statue is coming down. Your wife followed you to the ends of the Earth in wartime, and then you hired your mistress to follow you in peacetime. I could go on, but let's move back to the realm of the sports world.

Wilt Chamberlain treated women like disposable objects, bragging that he slept with over 10,000 in his lifetime. He has nearly a half dozen statues and they're all coming down. Shaq statue? You do a little research on the Kobe Bryant Colorado Incident and you'll KNOW that Shaq statue is coming down.

Joe DiMaggio Statue? Coming down.

Babe Ruth Statue? Coming down.

Brett Favre Statue? Coming down.

Politicians and Sports Stars are what Americans love to build statues to. But guess what? Even more changes need to be made.

Albert Einstein Statues? You treated your first wife like crap, cheated on her, then married your cousin? Your statues are coming down and your Medical Centers are being re-named.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You might as well shut that place down right now.

Every college campus in America has buildings named for wealthy benefactors. It doesn't matter how much you paid to have your name put on that building, in an American Society run by women, background checks will be needed to verify your name stays on that building. We don't want any young women walking into buildings named after predators. Any crimes against women will result in a re-naming. (But you don't get your money back.)

And what about sexual crimes by men against children?

I'm going to sue the Vatican to find out which Saints molested children.

Then I'm going to break into Churches and start breaking--

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