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Mortyplicity Review

The second episode of Season 5's Rick and Morty is all about decoys.

Decoys, decoys, copies of decoys.

But that's not the story here at Beacon of Speech. All week, Rick and Morty has been advertising that their show is "only on Adult Swim." Last week the show was on the APP, so I ASSUMED this week the show would be on the APP. It wasn't. When I went to the APP, the show was locked. I have Hulu, went to Hulu, not on Hulu. Only on something called Hulu+ Live. I have the Hulu Bundle, not Hulu+ LIve. Some punk kid said he watched Mortyplicity on Amazon. I have Amazon, so I went there. Nope. I have to BUY the Rick and Morty episode at Amazon.

Last week, Mort Dinner Rick Andre was on Adult Swim's YouTube channel. No such luck this week. I was done playing the 'Where can I watch Rick and Morty Game?" I have played that game too many times. So immediately afterwards, I started searching for illegal streams on YouTube. After about 10 seconds I found a bootleg Mortyplicity. There was an obstructed screen, but not so much that I turned it off. The feed was glitchy and poorly edited. But I watched the whole epidsode of Mortyplicity. Before my feed was terminated, I looked for a few better feeds to watch it again. It was like real life Mortyplicity, I found differing feeds with differing audio and video quality.

Am I worried I'm going to get in trouble for watching illegal feeds? No. That's YouTube's problem to weed them out. If anyone ever contacted me, this is exactly what I would say: "Oh, oh, I'm an old man. I'm afraid that dementia may be setting in. I just wanted to watch Rick and Morty and this channel popped up. I didn't know it wasn't an Adult Swim official stream. The internet is a scary, scary place and I don't understand all of these new-fangled, technologies.

If I did have my wits about me, I would say that it was ironic that there were decoys, decoys, and copies of decoys floating around YouTube about an episode about decoys, decoys, and copies of decoys.

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