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Musical Diary 3/29/21

Updated: May 2, 2021

Hey, I got my second Covid Shot on Friday! Spent the weekend in bed listening to music:

Mike Patton's Tomahawk project made me feel marginally better.

I'm embarrassed that the Daughters haven't been on my radar before. I enjoyed their 2018 album You Won't Get What You Want.

I told my kids that Flea performed nude at Woodstock 99. I don't think they believed me. Fire (live) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

GWAR put out an acoustic EP? Epic. Hope to hear this song on Mandelorian Season 3.

Addendum - One Month Later:

I read the lyrics and missed the tribute to Oderus. A tear of joy came to my eye.


You left us stranded on this world of pus

And in death you have forsaken us

Oh, this planet fucking sucks

Kendrick Lamar's video for HUMBLE is approaching one billion views. Doing some Kendrick Lamar research for future articles.

Disappointed Dad may get a 100 views for a very well done Clash Cover. This song, in my opinion, was the best single on a Lansing, Michigan Punk Compilation Album. (My favorite punk band from Lansing? The Plurals.)

The new Mammoth WVH was surprisingly good. I liked the humor, I liked the beat. But.....

The problem with Mammoth WVH is that there is no sexiness. Rock is supposed to be dangerous. Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro look like they could jump off the stage and fuck you. WVH looks like he would lurch off the stage and eat you.

Now I know what an NFT is. (Seriously, I didn't know.) I thought the video was pretty funny. Pete Davidson continues to make more news with his social life than with his comedy.

Speaking of comedy, I want to see this movie, now on Netflx.


As soon as I hit the PUBLISH BUTTON, I remembered that I wanted to make a controversial statement about Lil Nas X.

The above photo is of Lil Nas X's new Satan shoes. People are flummoxed by such a brazen marketing of Satanism.

Not me. I remember when Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses came out, someone stuck a microphone in front of Alice Cooper and said "what do you think of Welcome to the Jungle?" He replied along these lines. I'm pissed. Not because it's bad, but because it's so good we should have wrote it.

Whether it be Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio, or the band Ghost, metal bands have been steeped in Satanic imagery for almost 50 years. How did none of these guys come up with the Satanic Sneakers angle? The closest anyone came was corporate schill Gene Simmons who tried KISS sneakers, but they were kind of lame.

I mean Satanic Sneakers, with a blood infusion, pentagrams, and the number of the beast right on 'em. How did no one think of this already?

If Anthrax did this in 1990 to promote their song Blood from their album Persistence of Time, I would have a pair in my closet right now. (Well, if they didn't cost a grand.)


Editor's Note: This is Beacon of Speech's 665th Post.

Oh, so close.

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