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Note to CNN: Trump is NOT the President

Today is August 9, 2021. About 9 months after the 2020 Presidential Election, this is CNN:

I took a screen shot at 5:45 PM

Stories on Trump?

All 7 stories are negative in nature.

Stories on Biden?

Both stories are positive in nature.

Let's try the Drudge Report:

Stories on Trump?

I can't tell if the story is praising Trump, or mocking Trump. Seriously. Trump designs a hat?

Stories on Biden?

The story was negative, but at some point we had to leave Afghanistan. We had to cut our loses, so I'm not going to criticize Biden for leaving. Let China take its turn wallowing in the muck and mire of Afghanistan for a decade.

If you take credit for the Covid numbers going down, then you have to take some blame when the numbers go back up. But again, I blame the neurotic Americans that passed on the vaccine for the rising numbers more than I blame Biden.

The point is, CNN treats Donald Trump like he's Idi Amin in Saudi Arabia in the 1980's.....

...while the Drudge Report treats Donald Trump the correct way, like a sad novelty, undeserving of ink. Drudge is more focused on the guy who's actually in charge.

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