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Pay Attention to the Maxwell Case

Just remember kids, in America, in the year 2021, there is a propaganda war for the hearts and minds of the common citizen using the news.

Today, at Noon, the top story in America should have been the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial. Why is that? Because a multi-millionaire procured girls, under the legal age of consent, for his rich and powerful friends. This trial is to establish whether Maxwell was, herself, a victim also, or a co-conspirator in his crimes.

Let's check out the tabloid Daily Mail (UK)

Very good. The Daily Mail gets it right.

Let's check out CNN:

Oh, very bad. Somehow CNN doesn't think the ongoing trial is one of the top 20 stories in America.

Now I'm going to turn the question to you, the reader. Why does CNN not want you to follow the Maxwell Case? They should be frothing at the mouth, Trump was on that private jet with Epstein and Maxwell....

Have you guessed the reason yet? I had to go to Newsweek to get the answer:

According to Newsweek, these were the Top 10 Names listed on the private jet's records.

Let's split up that list.

Spacey, Tucker and Perlman: No matter what you or I think of them, at the end of the day, they are all celebrities. Of course the Daily Mail is going to lap that up.

Clinton, Glenn, RFK Jr., and Mitchell: All luminaries in the Democrat Party.

Bill Gates: Billionaire with heavily left leaning political philosophies.

Donald Trump: Republican who was the 45th President of the United States. The dates Trump rode with Epstein though, he was affiliated with either the Reform Party or the Democrat Party (Trump flipped parties in 2009.)

Prince Andrew: You know what? He's just another celebrity.

So the breakdown is 4 celebrities, 5 Beloved Democrats, & 1 Scorned Republican. That's why you're not seeing wall to wall Maxwell coverage.


Editor's Note: For all you morons who thinks Joe Biden is a pedophile because your Presidential Candidate lost in 2020, how do you wrap your minds around Donald Trump being on the Lolita Express?

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