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Peter Brown Memorial Rankings (2023)

Wow! What a difference a year makes.

This is the annual rankings of the sports talkers in the Cleveland Market. 1. Ken Carmen - 92.3 The Fan I love Ken Carmen. He is still the undisputed King of Cleveland Talk. 2. Dustin Fox - 92.3 The Fan The Fan has lost a ton of talent in the last year or two. They can't afford to lose Dustin Fox.

3. Garrett Bush - 92.3 The Fan

If you understand why this song is so good, you'll understand why Bush is so good.

4. Jeff Thomas -92.3 The Fan

5a. Tony Grossi - 850 WKNR 5b. Jim Donovan - 850 WKNR / 92.3 The Fan Nobody covers the Browns better than Grossi and Donovan.

7. Je’Rod Cherry - 850 WKNR

Just an aside here, Cherry does such a good job, you would think that local sports stations would employ more elite former athletes instead of team mouthpieces like Zegura and Bishop. 8. Emmit Golden - 850 WKNR

Golden is such a good dude. 9. Chico Bormann - 92.3 The Fan

Unfortunately no longer on The Fan.

If this Twitter Post is true, The Fan, which is clearly the best Sports Talk Station in the Region, will be out of business in 2 years.

There was a lot of shakeup on this year's list due to untimely host deaths, but Bormann's plight really took the wind out of my sails when writing this year's rankings. There's a huge difference between daytime talk guy and nighttime talk guy and Bormann was the PERFECT nighttime option before being paired with Fox. There is no way someone as talented as Bormann should be driven from the radio business due to economics.

One Redditor said Bormann could make more working full time at WalMart. If I see Bormann stocking shelves at the local WalMart, no more Peter Brown Memorial Lists.

Editor's Note:

Sometimes I have a dark sense of humor that doesn't come across in print very well. When I was a younger man Peter Brown was my favorite radio host in town. But much like your high school crush, there weren't lot of traces about their time in Cleveland on the internet.

I jokingly named my rankings a Memorial, but I believe Peter Brown is still very much alive: Twitter

10. Greg Brinda - 1100 WTAM

The more air time Brinda gets, the closer he gets to his 850 form.

11. Andre Knott - 1100 WTAM

Wait, no 92.3 the Fan

Wait, I just saw him on Fox 8

Wait, Twitter says Bally Sports InGame

I could have sworn I heard him on Apple Podcasts?

No matter where Knott turns up, he does a great job.

12. Nick Wilson - 92.3 The Fan

Welcome back Nick Wilson

13a. Andy Baskins - 92.3 The Fan

13b. Jeff Phelps

They're fine.

15. Jonathan Peterlin - 92.3 The Fan

Listen, Peterlin does a nice job at the nighttime slot, but I think he's, like, the fourth nighttime guy in the last 5 years....

16. Nathan Zegura - 92.3 The Fan Got promoted for kissing the ass of the Browns' front office. Ten spot deduction given on 11/20/22 when I almost vomited listening to Zegura gush over the 3-7 Browns. Listen to the tape. 17. Chris Fedor – 92.3 The Fan / Chris Fedor is apparently ahead of the curve. If I give him my email, which I'm not going to do, he will text me breaking sports news? Yeah, I don't think so.

18. Dennis Manoloff - 1100 WTAM

Another victim of sporadic scheduling.

19a. Boomdaddy - 1100 WTAM

You never want to replace the Man. You want to be the Man, that replaces the Guy, that replaced the Man.

With that being said, Boomdaddy is very...pedestrian.

19b. Nick Camino -1100 WTAM

Interchangeable with 19a.

21. Anthony Lima – 92.3 The Fan

I saw Lima made the jump to TV also. Listening to him on TV made me drop him a spot. 22. Matt Fontana - 850 WKNR

Yeah, I guess he's okay.

23. Beau Bishop - 850 WKNR


Listening to Bishop and Zegura during the Watson Signing Fiasco was embarrassing.

24. Tony Rizzo - 850 WKNR

Barrett Sports Media claims that Riz and Hammer are #1 in their time slot in America. Really? A sports consulting company loves Rizzo? I smell a-

You know what? Not feeling like being sued today. I say it year after year after year. Hammer is the anchor that drags Rizzo to the bottom of our rankings.

25. Aaron Goldhammer – 850 WKNR

Listen, I get it, Goldhammer is supposed to be the heal. But he's not, he just doesn't get it.

Last for the 7th year in a row!!! (Very sad for the Bull moving out of the talk radio business. He was very good at it.)

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