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Sabrina Parr...That Name Sounds Familiar

Around the year 2010 or so, the best Sports Talk Show in Cleveland was The Really Big Show with Tony Rizzo. It was Sports Talk gold. Tony RIzzo, his producer Aaron Goldhammer, contributor Chris Fedor, updates with Jeff Thomas, and special guest Sabrina Parr. When the 5 of them were on the air together, there was no better Sports Talk TEAM in all of Ohio, Not since the team of Triv, Marty Allen, Paul Rado, Kim Mihalik, and Mike Snyder, at the turn of the millennium on WTAM, did Cleveland radio crackle with such magical energy.

Even if you don't live in Cleveland you still may know the Really Big Show. Rizzo and Hammer were frequent guest hosts for the nationally syndicated Jim Rome Show and were supporting actors in the movie Draft Day.

So imagine my shock when I was at one of my favorite websites, Fake SportsCenter, and I read

how Lamar Odom blasted his ex-fiancee Sabrina Parr on social media in the story: Lamar Odom Says He's Finally Sworn Off Drugs, Porn & Relationships After Abusive Breakup with Fiancee.

It had to be the same broadcaster as on 850 ESPN Cleveland. Then I googled Sabrina Parr.

Lamar Odom Rips Ex-Fiancee Sabrina Parr...She Used Me for Clout - TMZ

Apparently, according to Odom in the same story:

"(He) blasted Sabrina Parr as 'deceitful' and accused her of using him in a shameless attempt to get famous."

Parr has also allegedly been romantically linked to Tristan Thompson (who hasn't), and Trouble.

You know what? Good for her. She was a bigger than life personality. She was on the Really Big Show, then off, then back on, then on only once a week, then randomly as a part time contributer. The last I heard of her was in 2017 when she was fired from WKNR for accusing Brown's Linebacker Jabril Peppers of being on drugs. Someone should give her her own talk show.

But I'm a dork who listens to Talk Radio. Apparently Parr is already InstaFamous with more followers than all WKNR personalities combined. She has a book coming out and already has her own Reality Show.


It's weird how time works.

A decade ago, Tony Rizzo was one of the most popular personalities in all of Cleveland, but a series of personal missteps made him just another guy in Cleveland.

A decade ago, Aaron Goldhammer was one of the WORST broadcasters in Cleveland, he has learned nothing over time.

A decade ago, Jeff Thomas was a spark for the RBS, now he's a spark for cross-town rival WKRK.

A decade age, Chris Fedor was awesome on WKNR, now he's just a guy on WKRK.

A decade later, who would have thought Sabrina would be the most famous of the five? And it makes you wonder if the Really Big Show would be a juggernaut today, maybe even syndicated, if management could have just kept those five together.

Editor's Note: One of the last broadcasts I heard on WKNR with Sabrina was back around the year 2017. Contained within was a chippy give and take with local legend Tony Grossi. I think Tony Grossi knows a lot about Sabrina, via the players, that he's not telling.

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