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Please Ignore Great Britain (At Least the Royal Family)

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Last fall, I wrote an article that said that Mehgan Markle is the Devil.

I still feel that way, but as everyone in the world rushes to choose sides, I have to admit that I got hooked.

I found this meme on a Libertarian page and it is spot on. This is yet another example of Rich Privilege. Not 500 years ago, not 200 years ago, but today, in 2021, the British Royal Family are nothing more than highly paid ambassadors for the United Kingdom.

The Monarchy is rarely called upon for any official governing duties. The government is run by the Prime Minister, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. The comings and goings at the House of Windsor are simply a historic soap opera.

If you want to abolish the titles and defund the Royal Family, fine with me. You want to keep the Royals, fine with me. What you don't want to do is to replace the Royal Family with the Hollywood Elite. They are just as bad.

As an American, I am upset at myself that I know what the Queen thinks. That I know about the Duke of Edinburgh's health. That Prince Charles and his mistress, uh, I mean, his second wife, continue to angle to be the head of the monarchy in the future.

Nothing in the Royal Family affects my life in any practical way.


Let's just say, for argument's sake, that Queen Elizabeth, at age 94, is running a racist, mafia-like organization across the ocean. She saunters around the palace with a billy club, punishing family members for even daring to speak a word of defiance.

Who cares.




Even if every single word out of Meghan Markle's pie hole is true. (Which it isn't.)

Do we impose trade sanctions on Great Britain? No.

Do we declare war on Great Britain? No.

Do we send troops to Great Britain? No.

Do we dissolve our treaties with Great Britain? No.

Do we cut our transportation lines with Great Britain? No.

Do we suspend news agencies like the BBC or the Daily Mail from America? No.

Do we expel diplomats from Great Britain here in America? No.

Do we expel representatives from Great Britain from the United Nations? No.

Everything between the Queen, her Princes, and their wives, isn't international intrigue, it's a very amplified family drama.

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