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Poor Free Speech Interpretations by Holly Thomas

Last week, CNN's Holly Thomas, who obviously didn't graduate college from an institution with any sort of core philosophy, rolled out with this incredibly bad take: We all have free speech in America. Well, except for Donald Trump, he's bad. Oh, and Trump's followers, they're bad too. And if Elon Musk puts Trump back on twitter, Musk shouldn't have free speech either.

We here at Beacon of Speech are quite frankly stunned by Holly Thomas' stupidity.

When we first established our site, we had a core philosophy hidden deep, deep in our site map. Names didn't matter, content and philosophy mattered. Let's see if we can find it....



Okay, here it is:

So everything we do here starts on the above spectrum. Since I started the blog, I don't think I've ever gone outside my own parameters. As a matter of fact, very few mainstream ideas skewer over onto the very edges.

And I'm not saying Holly Thomas doesn't have free speech, she does. What I'm saying is she's not interpreting what she sees very accurately.

Even as Thomas stomps her feet on the ground, chews on her gum extra forcefully and twirls her hair angrily to show how emphatically she doesn't like Trump, that doesn't make her argument any stronger. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he has free speech. Whether you like Elon Musk or not, he has free speech. And whether you like Holly Thomas or not, she has free speech.

It's really a very simple concept. The reason Holly Thomas' brand of free speech is dangerous is that she is paid handsomely, by the largest multi-national news organization in the world, to tell you that if your politics lean left, your opponents on the opposite end of the spectrum don't have free speech rights. That is a categorical misrepresentation of the free speech argument.

If you're laying on your porch in Appalachia, strung out on opioids, your free speech misinterpretations don't matter. If you're on arguably the biggest news platform in the world, whining Donald Trump doesn't have free speech, he's mean.

That's propaganda based on opinion. Hardly what they teach you in journalism school.

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