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Prince Harry: Scam Artist

Before the Beacon of Speech Blog, my first professional writing effort was a self published e-book called American Suicide. I was paid no money upfront and, I believe, I made $8 in royalties.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Daily Mail and saw you could get Prince Harry's new book Spare for free: Prince Harry's Explosive Autobiography Spare is available on Amazon for FREE in Black Friday Deal

So let me get this straight. Prince Harry, who resigned from his "job" as Prince because he didn't like the way the monarchy treated his actress wife, got a $35 million advance for Spare.

Amazon is giving the book away for free if you subscribe to their Audiobook Service Audible. And, I assume, Prince Harry will make additional back end money in royalties.

Could Prince Harry make up to $50 million on Spare, depending on if he sells the rights to someone who may want to make it into a series or a documentary? Possibly.

If you can't see how you and I are on the bottom of a pyramid scheme and the likes of Prince Harry and his mindless drek are on the top, nothing illustrates that clearer than the Spare business model.

Which is the underlying plot of American Suicide.

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