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Priscilla Presley is a Piece of Crap

How dare I? All you Elvis fans have horse blinders on.

Let me start again, using a different set of names. Mary Jo Johnson was an all-American teenager born at the end of World War II. She was at the very cusp of the Boomer Generation and she followed her Dad to where ever he was stationed in the armed services. While in Germany, teenage Mary Jo fell in love, and eventually married, famous American Ted Jones.

Ted Jones was a beloved entertainer, but their age difference was slightly scandalous for the time. Mary Jo and Ted were married when Mary Jo was 21 and divorced when she was 28 in 1973.

50 years ago Mary Jo and Ted were divorced. Mary Jo received a divorce settlement and she raised Ted's Child after he passed away.

Now earlier this year, Mary Jo and Ted's only biological daughter passed away and she had burned through ALL of Ted's Money. But there were a number of life insurance policies, that if they were all cashed in, would amount to the low eight-figures. Plenty of money for Ted's grandchildren to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Mary Jo, who's now in her 70's, is now trying to contest her daughter's will to get her cut of her grandchildren's own insurance settlement.

Doesn't Mary Jo sound like a money grubbing bitch?

Now go back and replace the word Mary Jo with the word Priscilla and Ted with the name Elvis. If you take out all the peripheral facts and cut the emotions out of it, Priscilla doesn't look good at all. But you remember young Priscilla and Elvis' Wedding pictures. You remember Priscilla being brave after Elvis' death. You remember her in the Naked Gun movies and saying "she's doing great!"

But no Grandma tries to horn in on their Grandchildren's inheritance half a century after the divorce from their Grandfather.

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1 Comment

Nabi Rasch
Nabi Rasch
Feb 20, 2023

Nobody cares. It's poisonous gossip.

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