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Pure Garbage

I am asking you a serious question. Do you know why we take screen shots at Beacon of Speech?

It is specifically because of Hunter Biden.

When Donald Trump was convicted, the headlines read: TRUMP GUILTY.

When Hunter Biden was convicted, the headlines read: Hunter Biden Case Seemed Like a Waste of Taxpayer Dollars.

You know the correct way to cover Trump & Biden?

The exact way the Drudge Report covered them:

But I want you to return to the CNN screen shot for a second. What news is geared toward right-wing consumers? None of it. Every single story on the cover of CNN was from the left-wing perspective or entertainment news.

Queer Meaning: Yes, I know, it's pride month. Is defining Queerness headline news?

The James Beard Awards: Awards What are we doing here? That is the equivalent of the MTV Awards.

Poor Hunter is only a First-Time Offender: Uh, no. He is a first time convicted Felon, just like Donald Trump.

King Charles' Portrait Vandalized: First part of the article was facts, second part gave a platform to RSPCA. (!!!) Uh, if I vandalized that portrait, CNN isn't giving 2 paragraphs of explanation as to what we do here at Beacon of Speech.

CNN on the Ground in Syria: I tried to play the link to the CNN video, but my employer blocked it. (???) If you go to a Syrian website, they say 15 people were killed across Syria on June 11, some of those were killed by Israeli strikes. When I tried to match the city to the dead, many of the dead were in Lebanon. I am very confident that CNN's story was NOT "Israel justifiably is bombing Syria" (or Lebanon.)

At least, for today, CNN was nothing more than their team preaching the Liberal Gospel. Maybe tomorrow, they'll do a better job presenting news to the average citizen.

But probably not.

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