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Random Thoughts 3/11/23

I think it's weird that the guys responsible for, arguably, the 2 greatest novelty songs in history died just a few days apart this week.

Robert Haimer (Barnes and Barnes)

Jerry Samuels (Napoleon XIV)


You know who's a scumbag? Tiger Woods

Instead of me listing all of Woods' transgressions, here's the link if you're interested:

But this latest scandal has quite the story. Supposedly Tiger and his girlfriend broke up, but she wouldn't leave the house. According to TMZ, he convinced her to go on vacation, on her own, and then when she got to the airport, he had his lawyers serve her papers that she was locked out of his property.

If this happened last fall, why did we just find out about this episode this week? Because Tiger's lawyers threatened to sue her if she went to the press. Tiger's Lady had signed a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) very early in their relationship. Why did she then go to the press in this case? Because she said the NDA only pertained to his other indiscretions, not this specific incident.

Uh, wow...


Tried a new record store today, Mistake on the Lake Records. My son and I bought a single to support independent businesses.


You know what's got my Libertarian Friends in a lather today? Woke Banks.


Earlier this week, PSG (Paris) crashed out of the Champions League despite having the two best players on the planet on their roster in Messi (Arg) and Mbappé (Fra). Those two may be great, but they haven't been great TOGETHER.

And, if Paul Pogba wasn't a horse's ass, I still believe France would have beaten Argentina in the World Cup Final.


I'm an American, it is my job to hate the Royal Family. But Queen Elizabeth leaving her nearly 1 billion dollar estate to King Charles alone, and cutting out his siblings, in order to save on the inheritance tax burden is high comedy. Now the siblings are pissed, especially (alleged) pedophile Andrew.

Apparently the Royals have the same problems as all rich people do. The Royals are no better than the Bluths.


Worst team in the NHL? Columbus Blue Jackets.

Worst team in the AHL North Division? Cleveland Monsters.

Last week the Jackets' top affiliate hosted an outdoor game that was postponed because the sun was out. I saw the Monsters last home game live, and that team ain't going to the playoffs. The Monsters have only made the playoff in 3 of their 15 seasons since replacing the Old Cleveland Lumberjacks.

But in the AHL, is success gauged by wins and losses or attendance?

Monsters Attendance 2022-2023: 9,500 per game, 1st in the AHL.

Cleveland Guardian Attendance 2022: 17,000 per game, 25th in MLB

Hey Guardian Fans, Spring Training is upon us....

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