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Ray Anderson and Michael Crow are Cowards

I kind of like Herm Edwards, former coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils. Former Coach?

While the termination (Saturday) isn’t a particular surprise to anyone following Arizona State football, a new video appears to challenge the original order of events. Edwards, seen talking to athletic director Ray Anderson and University President Michael Crow, was seemingly fired on the field immediately after the game. - NBC Sports

At the college football level, the only reason to fire a coach after a game, on the field, is if that coach assaulted a student-athlete.

If Anderson and Crow fired Edwards for bad football, there's a time and place for that. There's no evidence Edwards did anything illegal during the loss to Eastern Michigan.

Herm Edwards is nearing 70 and he's been in and around football his entire life. He deserved better than to be fired on the field. At best Anderson and Crow are unprofessional. At worst, they are cowards who were afraid that Edwards would have beat their asses in private.

You think I'm exaggerating?

Herm Edwards uses language as motivation. I enjoyed watching him in the studio analyzing football and his clever "Hermisms." Why else would you fire Edwards in front of a camera, unless you were afraid of his reaction in private?

Anderson and Crow were fearful of Edwards yelling at them in an unpleasant, yet entertaining, fashion in private? Doubtful. Again, we're not talking about Edwards on the Eagles in the 80's, we're talking about nearly 70 year old Herm Edwards.

Listen, I'm not Edwards' agent or anything, but the threshold for firing a coach on the field isn't a loss to a MAC team or recruiting violations, there HAS to be more to the story....

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