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Red Dawn Redux

Back as an impressionable teenager, the movie Red Dawn (1984) scared the crap outta me. Red Dawn detailed the Soviet Invasion and the brave Americans who defended this country's soil. Fictional Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner was vivid in his story describing the world's battlefield map to the young freedom fighters, the Wolverines.

Editor's Note: It was easy to find Tanner's Map on the magical internet.

Unbeknownst to nearly all Americans, the Soviet Union would collapse under its own weight within 20 years.

Am I worried about a Russian invasion today? No. If anyone invaded the central U.S. now, they would have a real hard time with the occupation, considering the 300 million guns now in circulation in America.

This is my greatest fear in 2021. Putin and Xi have a sit down and secretly select a day to consolidate their power. Just for fun, let's choose July 4, 2024. Both the Russian leader and the Chinese leader agree to attack their neighbors on that date. Not trusting Putin, Xi makes a second side deal with Iran that also allows for them to attack their neighbors. Xi makes separate military pacts with both Russia and Iran to cover all his bases.

On the morning of July 4, 2024, Russian troops swiftly move into Ukraine. By noon of the same day, Belarus announces that they have been annexed by Russia. At the same time, China sends troops into all disputed Chinese territories, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Senkaka Island. Iran also acts quickly and heavily bombs both Saudi Arabia and Israel.

As America is caught off guard, they assume defensive positions. Stretched to their limits, their forces concentrate on protecting Poland and Israel. No missiles are fired into Russia or China, but the American forces absolutely pound Iran. When Americans wake up on July 5, 2024, Congresspersons are scrambling back to the nation's capital to debate war. All of a sudden....

Russia has Belarus and the Eastern part of Ukraine, including a land path to Crimea. They stop their forward movement.

China is now occupying all of the disputed territories that they want. They stop their forward movement.

Iran made their point. They stop fighting.

Before Congress can declare war on anyone, with Iran being at the top of the list, China alerts the U.S. that if Iran is attacked again, China will attack American interests in Japan and Australia. The U.S. capitulates because they don't want to be considered the aggressors by being the first ones to declare official war. The United Nations dissolves and Russia and China quickly establish a new version of the United Nations in Beijing. The Chinese offer membership to all nations of the world, including the United States, with the lone exception being Israel. Russia, China, and Iran are the founding members of the new world order.

As Americans continue to bicker and fight about the minuscule of their own culture, the divisions in the country are exacerbated by the reactions to the Russian and Chinese troop movements. Russia and China are happy to have not fired a shot on American soil and decide to play the waiting game to see if America will collapse under its own weight in the next generation, the sting of international failure shadowing every debate. Russia and China continue to sow the seeds of American division as they let doubt become America's greatest enemy.

That's what keeps me up at night.

America not taking care of their own business, defeating itself in the long term, starting with who they choose as their leader following the 2024 election.

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