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Review: USA Today's Kelly Lawler continues her Newspaper's Woke Streak

Do you know who Al Neuharth was? He was the founder of the USA Today. I used to read the editorial section of that paper and distinctly remember that Neuharth always gave ink to the opposing view in addition to the prevailing view.

With that fact my mind, I read Kelly Lawler's review of Chris Rock's Netflix special with my mouth agape. Man, she does not like Chris Rock. She didn't like the swearing. She didn't like the volume. She didn't like the content. She didn't like the format on Netflix.

But what really struck me about the review was that she incorporated her politics into the story. She clearly is a far-left writer. She seemed angry that Rock leaned to the left, but not nearly left enough.

Let me tell you, that special was hilarious. Rock set the pins up and knocked 'em down all night long. When Chris Rock joked that he used to love Will Smith, but now watches Emancipation (2022) to see him get whipped, "got me rootin' for the massa." That might be the funniest line in the history of comedy.

Chris Rock isn't really watching Emancipation over and over, it was a JOKE.

If you asked me the 5 greatest stand-up comedians, this would probably be my list:

George Carlin

Dave Chappelle

Eddie Murphy

Chris Rock

Either Sam Kinison or Richard Pryor, depending on my mood.

Chris Rock is not a "sad, old man" as she put it, he is on his game. But since this is free speech website, let me say that Kelly Lawler is entitled to her opinion.

Here's the catch though, Kelly Lawler didn't give her opinion on her own website, she writes for the Gannett Company, Inc. In the spirit of which the USA Today was founded, they need to balance out Lawler's Opinion. What's a good far-right website? Let's try Breitbart.

What does Breitbart say about the Chris Rock special?

As of Monday afternoon, 3/6/23, they didn't have a review, just a preview: Chris Rock to Torch Will Smith in Netflix Program.

I'm sure Ms. Lawler doesn't mind balanced reporting. Her opinion next to a Breitbart's writer's opinion.

And, if Chris Rock scares her, she can always hide under a blanket and continue to trumpet the non-comedy, comedy musings of Hannah Gadsby.


Kelly Lawler reminds me of an old Bobcat Goldthwait skit.

Angry Fan: Hey Bobcat, I used to like you. You used to be funny!

Bobcat Goldthwait: Well I just met you and you suck.

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1 comentario

Ruben De La Rosa
Ruben De La Rosa
07 mar 2023

I couldn't agree more, and I also lean to the left.

Me gusta
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