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Revolver v Rolling Stone

I just wanted to hear some new Rock. (Friday August 6, 2021)

That's all. I went to Rolling Stone.

Let's see:

Suicide Squad Review

Wu Tang Clan

2 Covid Stories

2 Kanye Stories

Foo Fighters Live "Single"

Clint Eastwood Movie

Morrison Widow Obituary

Here's the Foo Fighter song:


Let's go to Revolver Magazine:

New 3TEETH and Ho99o9 Song

New Guns N' Roses Song

New Spirit Adrift Song

Joey Jordison's death (uh-oh)

Wow. That's a good cross section of Rock. Maybe if I scroll down, the Wu Tang and Kanye stories are down below?

New Melvins Song(s)

Watch: Dad Jokes

Devin Townsend

Ice Nine Kills v Papa Roach

Greatest Album Cover Debate

You already know we're not fans of Rolling Stone Magazine here. Nothing illustrates that more than the way the two websites covered a hot day in August.

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