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Rolling Stone's Ridiculousness Moment

You remember when MTV begged teens to scream at their parents until they called their cable provider to add MTV? That was a long time ago.

In the 80's, MTV was about music.

In the 90's, MTV was about music and reality shows.

In the 00's, MTV was about reality shows. MTV2 was about music.

In the 10's, MTV was about youth culture. MTV2 was about reality shows.

Now? MTV telecasts long blocks of the clip show Ridiculousness and not much else.

Stunningly, Ridiculousness just started its 34th season and passed the 1,200 episode bench mark.

In the 60's, Rolling Stone was about Rock music.

In the 70's, Rolling Stone was about Rock music and the counter-culture.

In the 80's, Rolling Stone was about Rock and Roll and all of its glorious excesses.

In the 90's, Rolling Stone was about music exploding in numerous different directions.

In the 00's, Rolling Stone was about whatever music advertisers paid Rolling Stone to like and became more overtly, instead of subversively, political.

In the 10's, Rolling Stone de-emphasized Rock and embraced the corporate culture.

Now? Rolling Stone had 5 stories in the last 3 days about the Streamys. Some days Rolling Stone covers Taylor Swift and no other music.

What are the Streamys? From Rolling Stone itself:

"The 2023 Streamys took place this past Sunday, celebrating the biggest names in online entertainment, fashion, music, and more. Hosted by The Game Theorists creator MatPat, the show took a breakneck look at what it means to be online today — from hilarious viral lies from drag queen Shea Coulee, to a powerful speech against transphobia by trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, to awarding MrBeast for the fifth time in a row and still having him not show up. For a show first started to highlight web series, the Streamys has grown into a mismash of every specific niche the internet has to offer. (Dick Clark Productions, which owns the Streamys, is owned by Rolling Stone’s parent company, Penske Media Corporation.)"

Rolling Stone is now down to a once a month publication covering the minutiae of the internet?

Have fun with that.

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