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Russian History in Real Time - Part III- or This Will be Bloody

10:30 AM Eastern

There are reports that Yevgeny Prigozhin's Wagner Group Troops are clashing in Rostov-on-Don.

There are reports that Yevgeny Prigozhin is on his way to Moscow.

There are reports that Vladimir Putin has fled Moscow.


Just yesterday, ironically, I was speaking to our school mechanic about the homeless situation in California. At one point in the conversation, the mechanic said "we need to do what Putin did. Take the homeless, load 'em up in a truck, and make them disappear."

Then he gave me a wink.

Our mechanic is addicted to the Daily Wire, he loves Ben Shapiro, he eats Right Wing Chocolates. He knows, as I know, that Putin is a Right Wing Russian and Prigozhin is a Right Wing Russian. The Ukrainian Military is loaded with Right Wing Nationals.

There are things in this world that are left unsaid, but how do you think Putin solves homelessness?


Yeah, no shit.

If Prigozhin topples Putin, you don't know what you're getting. (Relatively Speaking) Poor Right Wing Thug Prigozhin takes control of Russia from Rich Right Wing Thug Putin and some problems are solved, but you just opened a whole subset of problems

Finally, CNN seems to be getting up to speed:

Why do I think things are going to get bloody?

Putin has the nukes.

Prigozhin has the sledgehammer.

Why hasn't Putin just dropped a missile at Prigozhin's Feet already?

That's the question of the day...

Look at that time stamp on the CNN Headlines 1:39 PM


2:30 PM Eastern

Belarus Leader Alexander Lukashenko has supposedly convinced Prigozhin to turn around.

But the world already saw Putin flee.

The world saw what a real insurrection looked like.

Editor's Note: Not that Jan. 6 Tantrum that the Trump team threw.

Putin deserved this trouble. For a decade, Putin has had Wagner Mercenaries do his dirty work in Ukraine, Syria, and Libya. But today is what happens when you depend on mercenaries to circumvent official government operations.

This isn't over, because if you're the Russian Army, how do you let Prigozhin live?

The reason Prigozhin is alive is because either a deal was brokered OR there are elements of the Russian Army sympathetic to his cause.....

I cannot type fast enough to cover what is happening in real time.

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