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Send Your Kids to a Better School Than Duke University

When I was a kid, I remember people making fun of Gerald Ford's head injuries because he played at Michigan, a football school.

I remember people making fun of Oklahoma State because Dexter Manley graduated from the school while being a functional illiterate.

I remember people making fun of Yale, because despite average grades, George W Bush got into an Ivy League School.

And, in this era of rabid partisanship, I even recall Trinity University taking the unprecedented step of taking a run at one of their own alumni, Kellyanne Conway.

So in a time of wokeness and easily disproven conspiracy theories, it is unfathomable to me that Duke isn't taking some heat for one of their most visible ex-students, Kyrie Irving. According to The Hill: Kyrie Irving is the Face of the NBA's Anti-Vaccine Movement. Not only is Irving Anti-Vax, but he's also Anti-Mask and a Flat Earther. I didn't even mention the supposed Secret Societies or the Satanic Controlled Microchips that he believes in.

Duke is supposedly one of the top schools of the South? Maybe the best at being a Basketball Factory. If you recruit kids to your program without an even average intelligence.....

You want to know what college I graduated from? I am an alum of THE Cleveland State University. Home to dozens and dozens of Cleveland politicians such as Mayor Frank Jackson.

Editor's Note: Isn't Duke ranked #9 in National Universities and CSU ranked #299th at US News and World Report?

Yes, and....?

Editor's Note II: C'mon now. CSU, producing "greatness" like Beacon of Speech and Frank Jackson? That's kinda sad.

"Geez, this article didn't turn out the way I thought it would at all."

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