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Sometimes America Sucks

You see that legless gentleman right there? That's Anthony Lowe Jr., about 30 seconds before his death.

Anthony Lowe Jr.

Mr. Lowe recently lost his legs and was fleeing cops in his wheelchair. His offense? He allegedly stabbed someone unprovoked. The evidence? Mr. Lowe was still brandishing the large butcher knife. If you click on the photo, it will take you to the story of the "short" police chase and the video.

Editor's Note: Not funny.

Mr. Lowe hopped off his wheelchair and attempted to escape the cops running on his stumps. As the cops walked behind Mr. Lowe, a second cop car, then a third, arrived. The 2 cops were joined by a third, fourth, then a fifth cop with a dog. At that point, what was Mr. Lowe thinking? As he turned toward the first 2 cops with the knife, did he really think he was going to take on 5 cops, with legs, and a canine dog?

The Cops

You shot a dude with no legs. It doesn't matter if you were in the right or wrong, the optics are terrible. You didn't have to walk 10 feet behind him, he wasn't going anywhere! The cops could have lingered back, maybe 15-20 yards and waited to set up a perimeter. You argue cops have to react in a split second?

MR. LOWE HAD NO LEGS! I should have used a hundred exclamation points. If 5 able bodied cops, in full gear, can't take a man down with no legs, without their guns, I'm kind of at a loss for words as to how we got here as a society.

The Ex-Wife

Almost as soon as Mr. Lowe was declared dead, his ex-wife declared she was devastated.

Uh, she filed for divorce in 2021. Then he lost his legs. Now she is broken? The optics for her are terrible also, I'm telling you that she smells settlement money.

Poor Mr. Lowe had to move back in with his Mom shortly before his death.


Is common sense dead?


On an unrelated note, Priscilla Presley was married to arguably the biggest rock star in the history of music, received a settlement, and is now, 50 years later, contesting her daughter's will to take money out of her grandchildren's hands?

That's some cold, cold shit. Where's the outrage at Priscilla?

Seriously, I cannot get past this. A man with no legs has zero chance of beating 5 cops and a dog, even if he has a knife and the cops have no guns. ZERO. Hell, a cop with just a nightstick is still a heavy favorite against a man with no legs and a knife.

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