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Sorry, My Brain Imploded

I was reading a provocative article by Jack Shafer at Politico: Why Democrats Should Primary Biden. The first few paragraphs were fine, but then I ran into this screaming buzzsaw.

"Biden presents a different case. Not every old person who wants to be president should be placed on an ice floe and shoved off to sea. Several octogenarians who still have the gas it takes to operate the White House come to mind. Warren Buffett. Charles Koch. Michael Bloomberg. Nancy Pelosi. Anthony Fauci. Ralph Nader. Sandy Koufax."

WHA--- <thud>

As I try to regain my facilities, let's rebut Shafer's terrible examples.

Warren Buffett: Age 92 - Democrat - The Billionaire Business Magnate? I would trust Jimmy Buffett more.

(Man, I do not like Jimmy Buffett.)

Charles Koch: Age 87 - Libertarian - Libertarian, huh? Doubtful. Billionaire Philanthropist? It appears the Koch Family is editing their own Wikipedia Page. We'll circle back to Koch in a minute.

Michael Bloomberg: Age 81 - Democrat - Philanthropist, Billionaire Businessman, and Politician. I am starting to see a trend.

Nancy Pelosi - Age 83 - Democrat - She is listed as one of the most decorated Female Politicians in the history of the United States. I would describe her as a partisan hack. How so? Pelosi Sets Record for Holding Caucus in Line.

Anthony Fauci - Age 82 - Immunologist - This is not a quote from Fred at Beacon of Speech, this is a quote from the New York Times "‌Dr. Fauci became the face of American public health’s incoherent response to the pandemic."


Let me tell you a short story about our Partner at Beacon of Speech, Ted. For many years, I wondered to myself "why does he listen to me? He is a very good friend, but at some point, I can barely listen to my own voice."

Then about 3 years ago he confided in me his secret. He was telling me a story of when he was at his Mom's House and she, at 80-something, began to speak glowingly of his millionaire brother. His brother was dead wrong about something and Ted mumbled to me-

"Just because you're rich, doesn't mean you're smart..." as his voice tailed off.

If you read between the lines and listen to the subtext, both Ted and I have the same underlying philosophy about billionaires. (And partisan hacks.)


Jack Shafer seems to think that being a billionaire makes you uniquely qualified to run the country, I believe that being a billionaire should DISQUALIFY you from running the country.

Just because you're really good at being a businessman, and don't get me wrong, becoming rich is a skill (for some,) you have to have some cutthroat in you, it doesn't mean you have the right tools to make a great president.

You know who I did vote for for president? Ralph Nader, both in 2000 & 2004. If you go to, you can read compelling think-pieces every week.

Ralph Nader: Age 89 - Liberal - Just this week, Nader posited this question: What is Wrong with the Liberal Press?

In a vacuum, according to Nader, nothing. They just need to amplify and multiply their liberal voices. My problem with the Liberal Press is that many liberal journalists sell themselves as "The Middle." If you're going to lob softballs on a Black Lives Matter Story, you need to admit that you are far left journalist moving far left talking points.

Would I ever call Ralph Nader a partisan hack? I would never do that. He is a Liberal, basks in the glow of his Liberalism, and if you had an hour he would try to sell you on his brand of liberalism.

Just like Rush Limbaugh was a Conservative, basked in the glow of his Conservatism, and if you had an hour he would try to sell you on his brand of conservatism.

Ralph Nader was vilified by Democrats for his principled Green Party run and Rush Limbaugh was derided by Republicans for not being a team player. Whether you agreed, or disagreed, with either, they would debate you in the arena of ideas.

Billionaires are about one thing: Money. How to get money, how to grow money, how to turn a big pile of money into a bigger pile of money. Billionaires, by definition, are one dimensional creatures. I don't care how sharp any billionaire is, I believe in the concept of the (future) 28th Amendment, no one can run for president after the age of 75.

That means no more Trump, either. Billionaire Trump seemed to struggle mightily with the concept that he couldn't fire random American Citizens.


I didn't forget about:

Sandy Koufax: Age 87 - L.A. Dodger - Why bring Koufax into the conversation?

I have no idea.

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