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Sports Savages? Wrong Again.

One of my favorite Sports related pages on Facebook is Fake SportsCenter. They talk a lot of smack and dance on the line.

Their fault is that they kind of beat singular topics into the ground. So I also started following Sports Savages, but they are kind of inconsistent. Sports Savages is clearly a knock off of Fake SportsCenter. Now you are in a dangerous, copy of a copy, territory. I saw this meme on the day before the Week 9 NFL Games and copied it, I thought if the author went to Vegas and bet the below scenarios, he would make a fair amount of money. Let's check it out:

1. Ravens/Vikings 80 Points / 900 Yards?

65 Points / 818 Yards. Actually they were pretty close.

2. Rams get 6+ Sacks?

5 sacks. Again close, but the story of the game was the dominance of the TITANS defense.

3. Jordan Howard multi-TD game?

1 TD. But Howard was intricate in the Eagles ALMOST upsetting the Chargers.

4. Miles Gaskin scores 3 TD's?

Miles Gaskin rushed for one TD as Miami scraped by the Texans 17-9.

5. Steelers defense out scores Bears offense?

Not only did the Steelers defense NOT out score the Bears offense, but the Bears defense outscored the Steelers defense. For being a doormat, the Bears put up one hell of a fight before falling 29-27,

Now if you're keeping score at home, the sports book in Vegas just deemed the 0 for 5 ticket above a loser.

Total cashout: $0

My Dad said there's a reason Vegas casinos are bright and shiny and the people inside, often, are not.

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