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Technically Abortion isn't Illegal, It is Unprotected

All across the internet today, I have read this incorrect argument over and over and over: "Guns have more rights than Women."

In the constitution, Gun Ownership, like it or not, is protected by the 2nd Amendment. Abortion Rights are not.

Now you're shrieking at me about Roe v Wade. Take a deep breath and listen. Listen closely.

The Supreme Court INTERPRETS THE LAW, they don't make the laws. In 1973, the Supreme court justices interpreted that you could have an abortion because a woman had the LIBERTY to do so. Liberty is a vague concept that covers mundane activities like the right to ride a bike. Roe v Wade wasn't a law, but an interpretation of the law. That's why, for 50 years, conservative states have been able to chip away at Roe v Wade on the state level. In Ohio, Governor DeWine said he will reintroduce the "Heartbeat Bill" as soon as today which severely restricts abortion access. The Legislative Branch CREATES THE LAWS. That holds true on the state level as well.

63% of women in America support abortion rights in All/Most Cases. So if you are a Pro-Choice woman, you are the majority, mobilize women to vote. Make sure you seek out candidates that are Pro-Choice on the state level.

Let's be clear here, I am Pro-Choice. I believe the original INTENT of Roe v Wade was that abortions should be a medical option between a woman and her doctor. But as a Libertarian-leaning website, we have to reiterate that the Supreme Court made the right decision here. Technically abortions SHOULD be a State's Rights Issue.

If you take the emotion out of it, let's return to our Bicycle Analogy. Riding a bicycle would fall under the broad definition of Liberty outlined in the constitution. I can buy a bike and then ride a bike wherever I want, right? Wrong. The State of Ohio dictates how, when, and where you can ride a bike on Ohio roads. They have also debated whether it should be a law that you have to wear a helmet (it's not.) But, at some point, the state could restrict who can buy a bike and who can ride a bike. In Ohio, you can get a DUI on a bicycle! The federal government grants no specific right for you to ride that bike outside of your basic rights as a human being.


Every once in a while, I hear the argument "what would the Founding Fathers think?" Again, returning to intent, I don't think the Founders gave two shits about the abortion argument.

Thomas Jefferson was having sex, and fathered children, with one of his slaves. This is a fact proved by DNA 200 years after the event. But in the days of Jefferson, scandals like these were political fodder instead of real political discourse.

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