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The Difference Between The Dark and The Darkness

Right now, I'm writing in the dark. I could turn on the lights, but I don't.

I'm listening to the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew album. It is dark, yet beautiful. A hard combination to capture for an instrumental composition.

But last night, I had nightmares of a porthole into hellish dimensions. In the middle of the night, the darkness descended on me as I vacillated between consciousness and unconsciousness

You know what though? I shook that shit off. But on very rare occasions, certain real-life undercurrents percolate into the blog.

I'm glad I don't live in Haiti.

Or the Luhansk Oblast.

Or in Tehran.

On some days, it's hard to count your blessings when you really should.

And I am grateful that Beacon of Speech existed another day.

I am more worried about Beacon of Speech teammate Ted. They closed his branch at work this week. When I started BOS, I told him he had to be my counterbalance or else I would just write about Alice Donut and Indoor Soccer all the time.

Hopefully both Ted and I both pull it out of the fire.

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