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The Donald Trump Paradox

To both my Father, and my Father-in-Law's, chagrin, I am not, and never was, a Donald Trump fan. But this headline at CNN earlier in the week was kind of a breaking point:

What was wrong with the headline, you ask? On the surface, nothing. Mariupol is a flashpoint in Ukraine. But look at the small print: Why is Biden in Poland?

Let's head on over to the Drudge Report:

Food shortages under Biden? And that's where we begin.

As soon as Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, everything on the planet was President Trump's fault. Within a week of the election, the left-wing media lamented that it was time to overturn the electoral college. An electoral college which has served this country well for over 200 years. Trump wins, then the media wants to scrap it.

Now in my lifetime, that's just the way things work in the United States. Everything is the President's fault, but during Trump's tenure, the problem was magnified. Not only was everything Trump's fault, but everything related to Trump was bad. The United States had evolved into an ultra-partisan battleground.

When Joe Biden became president, I expected the same Biden-hate zeal from the other side of the aisle. For the most part, the right has dismissed Joe Biden as a memory-impaired Grandpa. You would think that even an outlet like CNN would be covering food shortages, right? Who spoke about these upcoming food shortages? Biden himself.

But it's much worse than that. Let's return to the Drudge headline. Why in the world would America have food shortages due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Your answer would be, if you read news in the mainstream media, is because Ukraine is the Breadbasket of the Old World.

Yeah, and? You can look shit like that up. According to the US Government itself: Ukraine was the United States' 71st largest supplier of goods imports.

Ukraine's largest export to America?

#1 - Iron and Steel

#2 - Iron and Steel Products

#3 - Electrical Products

#4 - Fruit Juices

Let's deep dive into that fruit juices category just a bit more. The United States imports $48 million of fruit juices a year from Ukraine. To put it in perspective, the average grocery store in American sells $16 million in groceries. Easy math, we import about 3 grocery stores worth of juice from Ukraine.

That's not really very much. So why would we have food shortages?

If the year was 2018, food shortages would cause CNN to scream Trump's Fault. Today there's a soft whimper, "yeah it's Putin's Fault."

Gas prices skyrocketing? "Putin's Fault."

Inflation highest in 20 years? "Putin's Fault."

Cost of living increases? "Putin's Fault.....

Now you're screaming at your monitor "HEY STUPID FRED HUNT, WE CUT OFF TRADE WITH RUSSIA, THAT'S WHY!!!!"

Ummm, I didn't cut off trade with Russia, you didn't cut off trade with Russia. There's only one person in America who can do that-


Yes, yes, yes, I know, we have written about it ad nauseam. You know what I want to hear? I want to hear "it's Joe Biden's Fault." I don't want to hear deflection, I don't want to hear whataboutism.

4 words. It's Joe Biden's Fault.

There's going to be wheat shortages? C'mon now, we don't have wheat in America? Gas supplies in this country are dwindling? Maybe we should have built some pipelines or opened our reserves.

When Trump was in charge, he was supposedly tearing at the fabric of time and space. Now that Biden is in charge, the media chirps that the world is a really, really complicated place. The media lectures you on intricacies of international relations. We are now inches from World War III, can you imagine if we were inches from World War III in 2018? Can you guess what the headlines would have read in America?

Listen, this is a libertarian-leaning website. Just last year, we advocated that BOTH political parties should be de-platformed. I support Ukraine, but our red line should be Poland. When it comes to citizens in the United States, there is nothing going on in Ukraine that should have sent costs up to their current levels. Nothing.

I'm just saying that Joe Biden is not an innocent bystander as the Earth rotates on its axis.

For those who excuse Biden's mental decline as the normal effects of aging, don't you remember all those on the left who wanted to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office?

NPR .....

You can look it up yourself, every year, every crisis, article after article, research Trump and the 25th Amendment.

Remember, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden went to their school dances listening to Elvis.

Oh no, no, no, he just misspoke.


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