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The Luhansk Letter

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Editor's Note: If this is true, this is the most important thing you will ever read on Beacon of Speech. This letter is why we exist.

this letter is for the future, if I should die or be taken prisoner or become a vegetable!

Written 17.7.22.

it is very hard to write, I’m crying, but I must. beloved Lera, tell [our son] what kind of dad I was, that we were sent as cannon fodder to Zaliman [a village in Kharkiv province]! without armor, without ammunition, without normal weapons. this is about our situation. when our son grows up, tell him his dad wanted very much to return home to be the best dad ever. I’ve been drinking and I’m writing emotionally. I know that all this will be forgotten and that you will be living your own life, that you’ll find a new husband, that I’ll simply disappear in the war like all the guys. unfortunately, I didn’t have a normal life. say that dad was an athlete, didn’t smoke and didn’t drink. it’s terrible that everyone has forgotten me. it’s very hard to accept all this, but all people die. and this cycle can’t be changed. It’s bad to die in the summer. if only I were at the seashore.

Tarasenko V.V.

Editor's Note II: I cut and pasted the letter from The Hill.

I hope someone cuts and pastes it from Beacon of Speech.

This soldier died in combat in Ukraine fighting on the Russian side.

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