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The Slap: A Post-Racial, First World Problem (PART TWO???)

Last April, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. Nearly everyone in America was aware of the incident, but I didn't want to write about it.

Then the Daily Mail goaded me!

"I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

It's 'Utterly Ridiculous to Center' the Discussion about Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock around the 'Opinions of White Folks.' - Daily Mail


Let's start with Chris Rock. Chris Rock is blameless. Let me spell it out for you-


No comedian, no matter how bad they are, deserves to be assaulted by an audience member. Imagine if Will Smith just yelled, 'boo, you suck.' Now that would have been funny, funnier than the GI Jane 2 joke...."

I yammered on about The Slap for 2 more minutes, then felt ashamed. Ashamed that I wasted my time on Celebrity Drama instead of writing about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Now a year later, as Israel is bombing Gaza into the ground after the Hamas Terror Attacks, I am about to get hooked again.

Earlier this week, Jada Pinkett Smith, while out promoting her new book Worthy, admitted that she and Will Smith have been separated for seven years-


So let me get this straight, for my own mental health.

In 2016, the Smiths separated and didn't tell anyone.

For 6 years, they gave hundreds of interviews, hell Jada had her own talk show where she famously interviewed Will about "entanglements," and then they went to the Oscars together?

Will Smith famously slaps Chris Rock for insulting his "wife," then we only find out about their separation now so Jada can sell more books?

And in that book, Jada calls Tupac her "soulmate," not the guy she's been pretending to be married to for the last 7 years, the same guy she was actually married to for the 19 years before that.

That is the definition of Rich Privilege.


I hate to do this, but let me talk to just the men out there.

Would you take your ex-wife to the Oscars? Even if you weren't divorced, but if you were separated?

Once at the Oscars, would you sit next to your ex and PRETEND THAT YOU WERE STILL MARRIED?

Now, in your heart of hearts, you may still long to be with that woman, but would you put on an act for the cameras?

If Chris Rock, one of the funniest men on the planet, started busting your ex's balls, would you laugh, or would you be angry?

And finally, if you were a total idiot, and got mad, would you jump up, walk across the stage, and assault, and yes, that's what that was, ASSAULT a professional entertainer?


Will Smith is a world class chump.

Maybe the Stormtroopers of Death can explain it better than I.

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