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The Week in Guns (Part VI)

Due to the Ukraine-heavy news cycle this week, alot of people kind of skimmed over the shooting at Michigan State University......

Something kicked in me that if I can do anything to stop this madness, I need to. People need to know what happened.” - Professor Díaz-Muñoz

It is at this point that I'm going to channel my inner Rush Limbaugh:

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's start at the campus level. Michigan State is not a bastion of conservatism, there are already restrictions on firearms at MSU. The only guns allowed are strictly regulated by the Campus Police Department, which means that, for all intensive purposes, Michigan State is a Gun-Free Campus.

Let me ask you, how can there be a shooting at a gun-free campus?

Professor Díaz-Muñoz seems to think that if people only knew how bad the MSU shooting was, we would ban guns.

Listen, we have talked about this, ad nauseam, on 5 different occasions. But this time the atmosphere is different than in 2017-2018.

As America stands at the edge of World War III, I want to roll out some cold, hard numbers, because I don't feel like writing about this all night. I just don't.

Since Columbine, there have been 169 kids killed in school shootings.

Since the year 2000, at least 2,000 people have been killed in mass shootings.

When we ban and confiscate all the guns in America, you know how many people will die? Probably 10-20 million when the Russians and Chinese pour across our borders.

#1 Reason Russia and China don't invade: Nukes.

#2 Reason Russia and China don't invade: 393 Million Guns in America.

I am jaded.

I am surly.

There better not be another World War.

A quarter of a million Russians have died in the last year.

End of article.

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