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This Close....TO GREATNESS

I came across some clickbait that read: Sandra Bullock's Biggest Filming Regret.

I chuckled to myself, "Speed 2?"

Sandra Bullock: "Speed 2."

Why did I laugh? Because one man's ceiling is another man's floor- let me explain.

I graduated from Brunswick (Ohio) High School in the mid-80's. I wasn't the smartest kid in my class, and I wasn't the best athlete. I don't remember the valedictorian, but Kevin Xxxxxxx was the smartest kid in our High School. After college, Kevin went out to Hollywood and his first big break was screenwriter for Speed 2. He had one more screenwriting credit and returned to the Midwest.

Sandra Bullock's biggest regret was probably the height of Kevin Xxxxxxx's career.

And once every great while, I revisit those high school days. Not through any sense of fondness, but with the knowledge that the smartest kid in our class made Speed 2. One of my high school friends was a concert promoter and was inducted into the BHS Hall of Fame, but he mostly made it there because he was good looking.

Our Assistant Coach for the high school soccer team is now the coach of MLIS's Cleveland Crunch.

What's MLIS?

I chuckled to myself again.


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