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This is What Propaganda Looks Like

All week, I've been following the saga of the 50 Venezuelan Refugees who have drifted across America.

Earlier this week, in an inspired publicity stunt, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has bemoaned the immigration crises in his state, decided to send 50 refugees to the rich enclave of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, one of many "sanctuary destinations" in the Northern United States that don't actually have a refugee problem, but support the nebulous concept of immigration.

Wednesday: Martha's Vineyard Residents "HIT THE ROOF" When Refugees Arrive - Daily Mail

Wednesday: "No Room" for 50 Refugees in Martha's Vineyard - Daily Mail

Thursday: Martha's Vineyard Declares A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS Over 50 Refugees - Daily Mail

Friday: Martha's Vineyard Ships 50 Refugees to Cape Cod Military Base - Daily Mail

Saturday: Illegal Migrants go to Target - Daily Mail

But more importantly, CNN, who has been silent all week, decided to go on the counter-offensive with this:

So CNN's Ray Sanchez is trying to sell you that the migrants "enriched" Martha's Vineyard, but they sent them away anyhow?

Hey Ray Sanchez, on the record, why exactly did Martha's Vineyard send underprivileged human beings away then?

'uh, um,

you see,



you know,

stammer stammer.'

What a pile of horse shit. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. Ray Sanchez should be ashamed of himself. Martha's Vineyard resident should be ashamed of themselves. Sanchez trying to protect wealthy millionaires with his billion dollar corporate microphone is a journalistic embarrassment.

Now don't get me wrong, what DeSantis did was political theater of the highest order, but what he did was fundamentally sound logic. Martha's Vineyard residents support immigration, DeSantis sent them some immigrants.

It's really that simple.

I hope Ron DeSantis sends immigrants to all sanctuary cities.

Hey Cleveland, instead of losing residents, you're going to GET some residents! I'm sure the city Fathers will be ecstatic with the population gains. Cleveland proudly touts that they've actually been a Sanctuary City since 1987.

Wait, what? Neighboring Cleveland actually LAGS behind the national average with "only 3.5 immigrants per 10,000 workers" and "doesn't seem to want any outsiders?" I find it hard to believe that even immigrants don't want to come to Cleveland. (Sarcasm.)

DeSantis also needs to send immigrants to the other 8 sanctuary cities in Ohio:

  1. Columbus, Ohio

  2. Dayton, Ohio

  3. Lake County, Ohio

  4. Lima, Ohio

  5. Lorain, Ohio

  6. Lucas County, Ohio

  7. Oberlin, Ohio

  8. Painesville, Ohio

What do you think would happen in the 2024 Presidential election in Ohio if DeSantis sent 100,000 immigrants to Ohio.

Ah, ah, ah. He'd just be giving the people what they want.


Addendum: One Day Later


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