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Top 10 Alec Baldwin Rust Memes

Earlier in the week I spoke to Ted, my partner at Beacon of Speech, on the telephone. I told him there was a tornado headed for his house. He said "really?" I said yes. He said "well, I guess I'll see you in hell then."

"Yeah, I'll see you in hell, too Ted."

Luckily the storm swerved and only caused light damage in other Cleveland Suburbs. But the fact remains that due to my production issues, and Ted's personal issues, we have continued our webcasting hiatus because we cannot get in the same room together. But over the past few days, I've been seeing some very funny, but very wrong, Alec Baldwin memes in association with the Rust movie tragedy.

I actually like Alec Baldwin, Ted hates him. So Ted, this list is for you.

#7 (Call me Danny DeVito)

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