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Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Every talk radio hack that has ever existed has beaten this topic into the ground. But I came across a list so bad today-

I had to rebut its existence.

First of all, if Slap Shot isn't on your list, it automatically becomes invalid.

Second of all, almost all football dramas are derivative tripe.

Let's start with our Top 10 List:

  1. Slap Shot - Hilarious and strangely historically accurate.

  2. Happy Gilmore - Great comedy with unforgettable moments from Bob Barker and Richard Kiel.

  3. Eight Men Out - By far the best sports drama I'd ever seen.

  4. Major League - Classic character after classic character.

  5. Caddyshack - Upon multiple re-viewings, this entry is like a SNL home movie.

  6. A League of Their Own - I don't know if there's ever been a better eclectic cast.

  7. Hoop Dreams - One of the top Documentaries of all time, regardless of genre.

  8. The Fist Foot Way - The best low-budget independent sports film.

  9. Rocky IV - The ironic part is that Lundgren isn't Russian at all, but Swedish.

  10. Free Solo - There was something very organic about Alex Honnold's story.

Editor's Note: And then there's the time we made our own sports movie-


Ranking some other lists:

1. Most definitive list: Probably Vulture's.

2. Better than their usual drivel: Rolling Stone's.

3. Intriguing; The Guardian

5. Average: Movie Web's

6. Depressing: Collider's

7. Serious: Paste's

8. Not the definitive list: IMDB

9. More hodge-podge than a list: NBC Bay Area

10. Wrong: Top Tens

Then I kind of paused, if I had literally heard hundreds of Top 10 Sports Movies lists in my life, and I'm sure every sports blogger has done the topic, why were the top 2 Google searches Vulture and Rolling Stone?

Even though Rolling Stone's list was pretty good, they are the last place I would go for sports takes-

Who's a local blogger that's not me?

Evan Dammarell at Right Down Euclid

I spent 20 minutes looking to see if he had a list, his website search engine was a bit wonky.

Not much better luck.

Then I thought to myself, if I was a search engine who would I trust most to make that list?


ESPN? They did make a really good list --- 20 years ago. 15 members of the Page 2 Staff cobbled together a very nice consensus piece.

The Late Roger Ebert? The website had a collection of Sports Movies, but no real Top 10 List per se.

Jim Rome? For some reason, parts of his website didn't work.

Which begets the question, if there are literally thousands of sports blogs how did Rolling and Vulture ascend to the top of Google's Search Engine?

Since we are averse to being sued by billion dollar corporations, let's just say: Who'$ to $ay?

I went to Freespoke and searched the same terms, and received almost identical results

(Except for Rotten Tomatoes, whose list I did not like at all.)

I went to Yahoo! and searched the same terms, and saw similar entry after similar entry.

(Except for Reader's Digest, which seemed to have soft edges on their list.)

In the past, once I hit the Publish button, my title gets lost in internet clutter. In order to find nearly any of my specific articles, you have to type in Beacon of Speech first. For example: Beacon of Speech Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time.

If you found our website thanks to the kind people at WhatFinger, go ahead and see Google results for yourselves.

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Aug 21, 2023


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