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Uh-oh, Big Riots in Cleveland Coming

Monday, June 15, 2020

At 2:46 PM, posted the heartbreaking story of a black mentally ill man and cops being jerks to him: Mentally ill man spent nearly 5 months in jail before body cam video revealed Garfield Heights officers beat, tased and mocked him: Story Link.

That incident happened 5 months ago!

At 2:50 PM, shared the story to Facebook. I saw the story and said to myself "uh-oh, riots in Cleveland." For those who don't know, Garfield Heights is an inner ring suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Beacon of Speech is principally 2 people, Fred, about half an hour from Cleveland and Ted, about 1 minute from Cleveland in Garfield Heights.

At 3:00 PM, I called and texted Ted "your city is going to burn down."

3:01 PM, "the shit is going to hit the fan." Ted did not respond

Turned on NewsRadio WTAM, of course Mike Trivisonno isn't talking about it, he's usually a day or two behind the curve and his points are way off.

At 3:35 PM, took a Facebook screen shot:

3:45 PM, I texted Ted again, "I predict major Cleveland Riots by Wednesday." I think Ted is ignoring me.

3:50 PM, looked at Fox8 Cleveland, CNN, & Drudge Report. The story has not been picked up by anyone yet, but the story is starting to get traction on social media.

4:00 PM, I noticed that the story is "exclusive" to What does that mean? Please subscribe to the website for only $10 a month to get stories like this e-mailed to you.

5:00 PM. Let's grease the skids a little and send a link to the DailyMail (UK).

At 5:30 PM, the story is really taking, but no where else.

Hmmm, maybe I was wrong. The story had all the ingrediants for national outrage.

1. Bad behavior by cops.

2. Black victim, 5 white cops.

3. A 5 month cover-up.

For 5 months, no one knew about this story except for a few lawyers and some Garfield Locals. In about 3 hours, about a thousand or so people in the Northeast Ohio area got up to speed, including me (still not Ted). Maybe it will stay a local story.

6:00 PM, do you you hear a rumble of thunder?

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