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Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine

The number #1 news story in the world today is Ukraine. Period. What is going on across the borders of Ukraine, right now, right this second (11 AM, Feb 19,) is going to shape international relations for a century.

And you know who is dictating discourse on Ukraine? Putin. PUTIN, PUTIN, PUTIN. It is that simple. So I went to the Drudge Report to see what was up this morning.

Drudge knows the score. Stories about:

Ukraine - 12

Trump - 4

Epstein - 3

If I ran a news aggregator, I would run it in a similar way as Drudge.

I thought to myself "even CNN can't mess this up." Went over to CNN and....

Stories about:

Trump - 5

Ukraine - 4

Epstein - 1

You know what? We're done here. It's like Yellow Journalist Jeff Zucker never left.

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