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Watch Deadstream

There's a new horror movie on Shudder called Deadstream:

It is the best horror movie in the "cult classic" genre since Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Instead of writing about the plot, I want to write about the movie itself.

I came across the preview and though to myself, "this kinda looks like the Blair Witch Project for the YouTube Era."

But the Blair Witch Project was terrible. When that movie was over, I felt like someone had pushed me to the ground and taken my $5. (It was 1999.) The Blair Witch Project made a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS, not by the quality of the movie, but based off of hype.

Your argument is that I don't like low budget films? I have stated, for the record, that Clerks is my favorite movie of all time. I love low budget films, but the Blair Witch Project was marketed as a real found footage film. That was the selling point. You tricked your audience and took their money.

Deadstream was a cinematic delight, well done and clever, it was what the Blair Witch Project SHOULD have been. Since Deadstream didn't catch fire after its release at 2022's South by Southwest Film Festival, it has probably made all the money it is going to make theatrically. Hopefully the production team makes enough cash in the streaming world to make another movie.


It was a good week here at Beacon of Speech for movies. Two others worth the watch.

Val (2021)

Porno (2020)

Why aren't we writing about world events this week?

Ah, ah, ah, that's another question for another day.

Why is the author hiding under the covers, watching films with a certain theme of evil lurking around us?

No comment.

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